Good Times at Mr. Smiths Georgetown

 Skvora Limited Photography

Got to work a boat party in the evening and 3 hours to kill between work in Georgetown, so Smith’s was the only logical place to go to at 2pm on a Friday given $3.50 beers of the month and sheer distance to my parking and the pier. This thought got better when I noticed $5 Tullamore Dew in the specials and upon inquiry about it learned that they were long-out, but had a 12 year bottle somewhere in the storage.6-24-XP1-MrSmiths_02Naturally I wanted staff responsible for this goodness to take a quick portrait with it –


And the deco was just as great as the drink selection and prices,




Food was actually had the next day and was excellent, outside of even bar food range and style –

Fish & Chips (usually on lunch and dinner special)

Calamari & beer of the month, Argentinean Quilmes

And ridiculous onion rings, with an added bonus shot –


So in all wasn’t a bad way to kill time before and after work this past weekend.

P.S. Friday’s smoke break also yielded an uncommon sight –